Studio Workflow - move from PC to Server?

HI, I have created a simpkle workflow on my PC in Studio that opens a web page and carries out many selections. Can I run this from a server without being logged in? For example, when I run the workflow on my PC I can’t use any other windows while the selections are being made. So, I was wondering will I need to be logged in to the Server via remote desktop while the workflow is running?

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If you are using orchestrator to run the workflow in your server then you have to setup the orchestrator for Robot, environment, server credentials and provisioning the robot to that server.

If you are planning to run it without orchestrator then you need to login and run the process or else you need to login and lock the system if you have any scheduling mechanism.

Hi @Fiorano,

To have a process that can work even when your screen is locked.

  1. It has to be launched under an unattended robot managed by the orchestrator or lauched through a scheduler.
  2. the process itself has to have activities that can work in background, meaning that all of the activities should be optimized to work even when your browser is minimized, this is achievable by using the (simulateClick or SendWindowMessages) for the click activity, simulateClick for the type into… and all the others should be chosen in a way that they can run normally without screen being in the foreground.
    You can test this by adding a click on minimize on your browser just after opening it (considering of course your process only using a browser and not other applications that should be opened to work with) if the process does end gracefully without any problem then this is a background process, otherwise you should observe on which activity the process does bring the website to foreground and try to work around this activity to make it work without having to show the browser in the screen.


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Yah that’s possible
Let’s go one by one

Yah that’s a good decision to move on to a REMOTE SERVER so that we can do other process in our machine
—So to do that first we need a UiPath robot installed in your remote machine
—once after installing robot we can run our process designed in our studio
—and that is fine with the help of orchestrator
Where we need to publish our process from studio to orchestrator
To do that connect the current machine to the orchestrator so that we can publish our process to orchestrator
For that we need to connect the machine to the orchestrator
Kindly check with these stuffs that would connect the machine to the orchestrator
— first create a machine in orchestrator and that machine name should be same as in your system
To get that name go to start-> search as robot-> settings and get the machine name from there and paste the same while creating machine in orchestrator and copy the machine key after this from orchestrator and paste it in your system robot tray and mention the orchestrator url as well
— the. Make sure that we have a robot created in the orchestra with the same machine name and while entering the detail for username and password go to cmd window and type as whoami which will give use domain and username, enter the same in the orchestrator while creating robot
— create a environment now In the robot tab and tag the robot created in the previous step to this environment
— now back to our system in robot tray we have machine key, and orchestrator url mentioned readily and now we can connect

and choose UNATTENDED or DEVELOPMENT type of robot while creating robot as you wont be able to run attended bot from orchestrator

And once after this do the same for your server machine as well
So that we can run the process in the server machine

Cheers @Fiorano