Run Robot At The Specific Time

Hi, all.
I have a question, how can I run the robot at the specific time?

I want the robot run repeatedly between 9AM and 7PM.

Please tell me.
Thank you.

Soon via the Orchestrator CE.

Oh really?
I cannot understand the Orchestrator.

Thank you.

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Thanks alot.

Hi @Mickey, You can have a look into the Windows Task Scheduler if you are not using orchestrator.
By using this you can schedule the job on specific time. This facility is to work with desktop artifacts executing in the same machine without orchestrator.
In case you need further details revert me back.


Hi, @jibanjyoti
I understand all, Im very grad.
Thank you so much!

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I hope it’s ok I piggyback on this thread.
I’m also looking to shcedule processes to run on given times without the use of orchestrator. Is it still possible to do this using Windows Task Scheduler? If I look on the How to: Schedule a Process Manually page it says “Note: This feature is no longer supported. We recommend using UiPath Orchestrator to schedule all your automation projects.” Does this refer to the option to schedule robots that was previously removed from UiPath Studio or does it refer to the possibility of using Windows Task Scheduler?
Thank you!

You can do this with CRON expressions within Orchestrator’s Schedule Advanced tab. You might look into that. It let’s you choose a time range and to run it like every minute or hour… however you want to set it up.

Thank you ClaytonM for the response. I was actually looking for ways to do this without Orchestrator. Do you know if this is possible or is Orchestrator the only way?

You could maybe also create a .cmd batch script that calls the .xaml in command line (do a search on the forum). Save the line in a text file with .cmd extension.

Then use Task Scheduler to start it at certain times.

I think that’s what you can do anyway, just not as user friendly as other scheduler tools like Orchestrator.

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