Run Excel Add-in like execute macro


Is there a way to run an Excel Add-in from Studio the way we execute Macro or can we extract Excel Add-in API

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I would like to know something similar, how can we trigger to execute an excel add in in background (just like how we can trigger macros in background)


  1. It seems that the Excel Add-in is only available in the StudioX profile.
    Perhaps this thread can help you

  2. Moreover, here you can find UiPath’s alternate fix for using Excel add-in

Working with Add-ins

Loading an add-in with Excel Application Scope is a known issue right now and UiPath is trying to develop a solution for that. In the meantime, the alternate fix for using Excel add-in is to use Open Application/Start Process → Verify using Element Exists if the Excel file has successfully opened → Use Excel Application Scope after the file has successfully opened. This way, the add-in will also be successfully loaded and we will also be able to use Excel Activities.


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Thanks for replying. I have tried above, however, I still need to add GUIed clicks to run the add-in. Is there a way to run the add-in in the background instead or some shortcut for this.