Excel macro run

Hi Team,
I am facing below issue.
I am having one excel which contain add ins. If you open the excel with add ins there are some values which got refreshed due to add ins.After that i need to remove formula from excel using invoke vba.
I did all the things but which I am facing right now is if you open excel using "Excel application scope"then add ins will get disabled. I cannot use star process because once excel is getting open, i need to use invoke VBA and that method we can use only inside excel application scope.
Can you pls give solution on this. I need to use both add ins and invoke vba method


Hi @sshitol

Use Excel application scope and ensure the file is in.xlsm format
Use execute macro and call the function name in side the activity and use invoke vba activity


Hi @AshwinS2
File format is .xlsx. File is not containing in macros. It contains only add ins.
Macros is using by me to remove formulas from excel.

Hi @sshitol

Have you tried using Excel application scope with property visible as unchecked


Yes , add ins is getting disabled even you select visible check


Have you tried writing a macro in separate excel and use this Excel containing Macro in Excel application Scope and call the required Excel containing the Add ins via OpenWorkBook inside your macro?

And there are certain Regedit which you need to change in your system to get the add-ins.

Something Similar to this