Run Bots at specific time based on excel sheet

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I have a excel sheet with 10 start times . I need to run the bot at the specific times given in the excel sheet .Next day again there will be new times in the excel sheet
How can i schedule this process

Hi @haresh_krishnan,

The best possible solution I can think of is Schedule the bot for every 30 mins or 15 mins.

Configure the bot to read the excel get the timings from that, Define the flow in the way the bot should only proceed if the bot time matches with the excel timing otherwise it will just log and stop.

For Instance, Imagine bot starts every 15 mins, you have some timings in the excel like 4.00 PM. The bot will just log “Time is not matched” until 4.00 P.M Every 15 mins when it bot started and gets into a success state.

Hope it will help you.

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what incase by bot to be started at 4.13

Hi @haresh_krishnan,

You can handle it in your code, I just shared the approach you need to use to achieve the logic.

Imagine you are triggering the bot every 15 mins, You want to start bot at 4.03.05. i.e (4 PM, 3 Min, 5 th sec).

In bot, Check the excel time is falling within 15 mins, if not log and stop, else minus the current time from the excel time, store that in the variable, use that for the Delay, then proceed to process.

3.15 - Logs and Stops
3.30 - Logs and Stops
3.45 - Logs and Stops
4.00 - > Find the Difference (in Seconds) = 4.03.05 - 4.00 => 185 Seconds, Wait till 185 Seconds then continue to the process.

Hope this will help, If you are not clear give me a call, 9790856941.

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Ranjith Udayakumar

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