Weekly Activity Based On Category

Hello, I want to ask some advice to you all. Here I try to build robot that would execute a process based on certain times. First, it would be read the table that consists of the time and the date. The date based on category.
1 - On Monday
2. - On Tuesday
3. - On Wednesday
4. - On Thursday
5. - On Friday
6. - Every workday (Mon-Fri)
7. - On specific date
8. - H-1 if the current date is holiday
9. - H+1 if the current date is holiday

Here the image of the table. I’ve finished to split the category but got stuck on my code for the next step. Mapping

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Check below for your reference

Hope this helps you

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Hi @Srini84, thank you for the respond, but it only the time based on the clock. Thus, it only give the halfway, in my problem it also need to check the period, in this case the date and the day like this if the period id is 1, the process would run on Monday, after that check the time (for check the time it’s already clear). The issue is on the period.

Thank you.