Run a robot from a web application: Wich component execute it?

Hey guys,
I’m running a robot from a web application and it works fine.
But i really want to undrestand the details of this process specially which one executing it.
Is it UiPath Robot or UiPath Orchestrator. Or does the orchestrator gives a request to UiPath robot and it’s the one wich execute the automated process.

Could you please give me an explanation?

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@enchirah_maatki Basically Its a orchestrator API, your web application is sending POST request to Orchestrator API to run a specific job into specific robot. In order to do so first we need to take an authorize token from orchestrator by providing credentials {{url}}/api/Account/Authenticate and pass the token into Start Job Post request {{url}}/odata/Jobs/UiPath.Server.Configuration.OData.StartJobs
For more information:

thank’s for your answer @Arpit_Kesharwani ,
so what i get is that the orchestrator get a request from my application and pass a command to UiPath robot to execute the automated process.
Am I right?

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@enchirah_maatki yes correct.

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