Executing the a job at orchestrator only

Hello there,

I have been able to execute processes as jobs through the UIPath orchestrator and to the UIPath robots clients without any problems.

However, is it possible to execute jobs only in the orchestrator and not to execute the process job at the UIPath robots client? I have tried changing the robot from attended to unattended, but it does not seem to work.

Am I missing something here?

Thanks for the help in advance.

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Hi @MaxT

Orchestrator is just the platform to manage your robots / jobs.

It still requires a UiPath Robot to action that job somewhere.

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If you require more information let me know :slight_smile:


Hello Tim,

Thanks for your response. I am aware of how the UIPath orchestrator, studio and robot client operates.

Let me clarify a bit further with the reasoning behind my question with an example:

If I have a process defined to make one API call and nothing else, it does not inherently require my UIPath robots client (my PC) to be running to be able to execute a simple HTTP Request call.

As such, is it possible to execute the job through the orchestrator and not having it run through my UIPath robot client?

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Ok, i think i get what your saying.

So is the API call built from studio using the http activity etc or just a direct API call from browser?

I dont think there is anything build inherently built into orchestrator to allow that API call.

If it is just an API call doesnt it even need to be built into RPA

Hi @MaxT,

Yes it is possible. For this you need to do authentication by providing orchestartor usename, password, tenantname along with release key.
ReleaseKey required to do this post call can get by using the Get Call of Releases and Robot Id’s can get using the Get call of Robots.

The first Job will be Triggered by the pending status.

Please go through below document for more details: