Run a bot using API on

I’m new and just created an account in and have published a couple for packages.

I would like to trigger the bot using a python script and provide the needed information at runtime. But to authenticate it requires me to have a tenancyname or Tenant Name. I’m not able to find that anywhere in my account information and I don’t remember one given to me when I signed up on

Where can I get that information from the cloud portal?


When you click on the services tab, you will have the tenant name there @Nikhilesh_Joshi

But the authentication and API for cloud orchestrator has changed and here is the link which will help you :

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Thanks @HareeshMR.

I’m looking under the service tab and I see a service name. Is that my tenant name? In that case when I post the below JSON to

“tenancyName”: “testDefault”,
“usernameOrEmailAddress”: "",
“password”: “password”

I am getting ‘message’: ‘Invalid credentials, failed to login.’

I can confirm that the email and the password are the same that I use to login to


Yes that is the one which you have while creating the account in platform If you remember :smile:

And as I already mentioned in the first post, the authentication for the cloud is changed and you have more steps now to authenticate . Please go through the post above :slight_smile:

Understood, that is a completely different process. I have to use the cloud API to trigger the bot.

Yes, the steps are mentioned clearly inthe above post and here is another useful link . Please go through this :slight_smile: