Message box button activity

Hi All,

I have this message box which consist of two buttons (OK,CANCEL).

All I want is, when I click on OK button it continues its flow to next flowchart (Refer Image) and when I click its Cancel button, task ends.

Can someone help?

Thanks in advance.

@Akshayl Asign a variable to the ChosenButton Property of Message Box, it will contain the Value what button Value you have chosen

Actually I tried but not sure how to do it, can you please help me out? showing steps or demo?

@Akshayl Can you send your Workflow so that I can edit or Do you want me to Describe to you how it is done :sweat_smile:

Can you please help me with the description or steps? Thanks

@Akshayl Since you already have a Message Box with Some Value or Statement in it

  1. Create a string Variable say, chosenButton
  2. Use this variable as ChosenButton Property of Message Box
  3. Next, Use an if Condition to check what value is in chosenButton variable like
    if it’s true
    perform some action
    perform some other action

I hope it’s Clear, you can ask if you have further doubts :sweat_smile:


What about take a look at this video first?

It shows how to make decision in the process flow which is exactly what you need.


This is so perfect, Thank you so much.
I tried all these steps but couldn’t get this expression (chosenButton.Trim.ToLower.Contains(“ok”))

Thanks!!! Again :slight_smile:

Thanks Mate, I got my solution :slight_smile:

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