Make a security control

Hello i have an robot that needs to perform certaint actions. Currently i want it to make an security controll. Meaning i want the robot to check 3-4 elements if they exist. So if they all exist and are the same values as the stored strings that the robot has then it can proceed else make another path.

How can this be performed ?

You can check each element using element exists activity @langsem and storing the output in 4 different flags, then check if the strings are same and store the ouput in a condition.

Then in the IF condition, check for all the 5 flags are true to move to the next steps, else to the another sequence,

let me know if it is confusing

Ok thanks, will give it a shot!

how would the if condition be ?

I have one string thats “fk1000”
Another one thats and date “10.08.2019”
Third one thats “Approved”

Here it is @langsem

Here I take str2 as string, if you want it as date type variable, do let me know please

would it not be better to use get text ? as it can draw out the text and not a element?

Looks like it worked :smiley:

but want to know.
In the then and else acitivty can i have like a message where it says approved or not approved then get that message stores it as an “access key” so i can use it for later ?

Ofcourse you can, simply create a new variable in the variables pane and then use assign activity to assign a value to that variable

  1. Inside THEN, assign as approved and
  2. Inside ELSE, assign as Unapproved

so that you can use that variable at any required activity (make sure the scope of variable is throughout the workflow)

What shall i insert in vb expression :)?

Can you elaborate? Why we need VB expression here?


Or like this ?

It gives me an error if i dont insert anything there

Place the value in double quotes to assign @langsem

As in the screenshot


ok and that woulod be enough ?

Yes, that will assign the value to the variable. so you can use that value using the variable name anytime in the entire workflow

superb! Also one more question if i can ask u. In the browser there its a date

You see on the left side its formatted 00/00/0000

I want a function that checks the latest date. So you see there its 2 lines. I want the function to make latest selection ( even better if its possible to make a function that takes our the date so it can be matched with another for later use also )

If you have only two values you can do the following steps

  1. Retrieve both values and store them in variables of types date
  2. Use if condition to check the dates as date1 > date2, then take the value date1 else date2

shall i use get text activity ?

Yes , but as I see, the values are in the tabular form, you can scrape the data using data scraping right? which will retrieve the data in all the columns

its in a browser

Yes, have you tried to scrape data using data scraping activity?