RPA into Mainframes

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I am in the process of understanding how RPA(Uipath) can be implemented in Mainframe(green screens) I have come some overview about the Mainframe Automation on UiPath website but hasn’t provided any detailed descriptions.
Could someone provide me the whitepapers on how RPA can be implemented in Mainframes. What could be cost savings if we are doing using RPA.

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Rajender maloth

Your benefits will come from analysis of your as-is processes, and how these can be improved using automation. But for a few general thoughts:

Look for use cases like:

  1. Using UiPath to do an “integration”, e.g. other app puts a transaction on the orchestrator with webservice, robot goes and types it into the existing mainframe applications
  2. Taking some access away from people, get them to request something with approval in workflow, get the robot to do the entry into terminal. Some mainframe applications are way too powerful and have limited logging and controls.
  3. Collating data out of terminal programs into other reports
  4. Repetitive checking/simple business rules - we have a UiPath process that reviews a set of mainframe programs for details on a customer account, and then applies a set of business rules. Exceptions are pushed out to people to manage.

With most of these, there just hasn’t been a business case to do the difficult work to replace the mainframe application or build a normal integration. RPA puts all these back on the table due to it’s low cost, speed to build with technical analysts rather than true developers and maintains the investment that has been made in the mainframe in reliability, controls in the existing programs, etc.

With UiPath, I have had alot of success using Rocket BlueZone as the terminal client to connect to our mainframe. There is a 30 day trial on the Rocket site. Make sure to install the 32 Bit version (64 doesn’t work with UiPath).

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Hi David,

Thanks you for the detailed information .You have given some solid inputs to start my analysis.

Rajender Maloth

Hi Raj,

I would like to know have you succeded with your attempt or not Please let me know as i just started doing it.

Any suggestions will be appreciable.

Kishore D C