Contracting out my UiPath Skills

I originally posted this on the r/uipath subreddit months ago but didn’t gain much traction. There were a few people really interested in the subject, but not much info came to light. If you decide you want to see the Reddit post, check it out here

I’ve been doing RPA development work for over 5 years now and have experience with a Fortune 500 company doing RPA work with UiPath and a smaller company doing RPA work and full-stack development work. I’ve began to notice how useful RPA can be to both large and small businesses. I’ve got friends and friends-of-friends that their companies could really use UiPath to automate their daily repetitive task.

My question is this; If I wanted to offer my skills out to these smaller companies on the side to build and maintain their automations, how would I structure it all? Would contracting be the best solution and if so, how would you charge for the service? I’d still be working my main RPA position full time so I wouldn’t think a traditional style of contracting would work well. Automation builds would be done after my full time position or on the weekends. I tried searching around a bit but can’t find any good information on this topic. Any advice is greatly appreciated!