UIPath capabilities - mainframe migration?

I work for a financial services company with 2,800 employees and we have a handful of legacy mainframes in operation. I’m a senior engineer running an experiment to determine if UIPath RPA is a good solution to support our future plans to migrate off our legacy IMS mainframe containing 80,000 contracts issued between the 1960s and early 2000s.

Our organization has lost most if not all our legacy IMS experts who know how to write JCL and Answer2 to run batch ETL jobs on our legacy hierarchical data structures. UIPath to the rescue?
Within just a few days of getting a UIPath license I’m easily able to use UIPath to scrape data off our mainframe. So the question of “can we do this?” is an obvious yes. The next questions are should we and will it scale? I’m new to UIPath RPA and just don’t know yet, how does UIPath scale? Can I deploy a team of bots to run simultaneously to reliably scrape all our data so that we can load it up into a data infrastructure as part of our future ETL migration off the mainframe? Should I do that? Will it be stable, highly accurate, and cost effective?

My guess is probably not. My guess this was nothing but a super fun experiment that won’t go anywhere. However, I’d be interested to hear if anyone on this UIPath forum has an expert opinion on my scenario.

Thanks! Paul Ehrsam

Hi @Paul_Ehrsam,
Please also consider contacting with our Sales which could also help a little here and maybe interest you in the way that UiPath products would help you.