To repeatedly capture customer details and export to excel

Hello all, I am so new to UIPath and I want to start a new project as practise but I don’t know the steps, seeking help from kind souls. :slight_smile:

I would like to capture customer name, email and contact from a web browser login and copy to excel. The motion is repeated so I feel it needs to be recorded first and then to extract the specific data I want to excel but I don’t know how.

Please guide me. :slight_smile:

Welcome to the UiPath Community @Hui_Shan_Lau

That’s a good usecase to start with Automation. If you are completely new to technology front too then you just need to get familiar with basic terms in UiPath automation but if you are into Technology then it’ll be easy to follow up the below usecase.

If you get any new term, feel free to ask or simply search. All your answers will be one search away.

All the best for your learning journey.

Below is a similar one explained step by step, hope this helps

Extract data from web and store in Excel

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Hello @rahulsharma. Thank you for the link. What I realised is that you have products you want to search in the excel which is A1-A4 whereas for mine the excel is blank except for the header which I fill up.

Maybe I will try to upload a photo to show you what mine looks like.

Orders.jpg - Google Drive (This is the page I want to start to automate, meaning to press into the individual order.)

Clicking in to individual order to retrieve data.jpg - Google Drive (After I clicked into the individual order, I would like to copy the customer name, email and contact to paste into the blank excel.)

Not too sure if you understand what I mean. Does this mean I remove the steps from your youtube(the parts like copy the product name in excel to search online and follow the rest?)

Thank you for helping!

Hello @postwick, Thank you for your help! :slight_smile:

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