Need an immidiate help

hi to all, I have an important exercise to apply for an important role. since I have no Idea in RPA, tried a lot and my last chance is your help.
exercise goes like this
I need to get data from excel file (name, family, phone, etc.) and put it on appropriate fields into outlook contact. also need to create a condition on one of the fields, and according to that need to write to a field in outlook. all of that need to be recorded on Leo tool (Krayon studio), in one wizard. in another wizard it need to be created with advanced commands with the Leo. If anyone can Guide me I will be grateful.

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Hello @utah

Welcome to the community!!

I’m sorry, I haven’t used Krayon Studio… This community is more on to UiPath related RPA automations. However there can be people around here who have used it… So my main purpose of this comment is to bring this post back up so anyone who has some idea might see it.

Anyhow, welcome to the community!!!, and sorry that I couldn’t help directly to you…


Hi @utah,

To create a new contact in outlook, Use this activity.