RPA Developer Course Redesign | Introduction to REFramework Public Review Session

Hello RPA Developers,

As the UiPath Academy is redesigning the RPA Developer Course (Foundation, Orchestrator and Advanced), by targeting a more technical Audience (junior and senior RPA developers that want to learn RPA through UiPath), we just opened a Public Review Session for the Introduction to REFramework prototype that has been designed so far.

For a little bit of a background, here are the 4 most important points raised by our students, partners, engineers and developers, that we plan to address:

  • Link the concepts and tools with business and real-life scenarios
  • Facilitate just in time learning by unlocking the sequential approach of the modules and adding text to support the videos and practical demonstrations
  • Emphasize good case practices in the lessons, based on the field experience of the developers
  • Go for a global approach by ensuring the balance between the tendencies observed on all our major markets

The time for change is now and we need you to get involved.

Please have a look over this link and input your thoughts for the following feedback categories :

  • Look and feel
  • Technical accuracy and universal approach
  • Ease of following the content
  • Practical exercises and good case practices

Please bear in mind that the videos in the lessons are not final, as they will get re-recorded, edited and will receive voice-over.

The Public Review session is going to stay open until Wednesday, July 24th, 2019 .


The redesign looks and feels good @RZVP , it’s easy to follow the content, with some good case practices. Nicely done. Good work. Thank you.


Overall, it’s great.
Awesome introduction for REFramework. An easy way to understand REFramework in a high-level perspective.
Then like what I mentioned in one of the RPA Developer Course Redesign, quizzes are important in courses :slight_smile:

I am looking forward for a RPA Developer Course solely for the configuration of REFramework since many questions and concerns arise in the forum for that one.

Thanks and regards,



Hello Razvan,
thank you very much for this REF introduction. It is easy to unterstand and to follow. The look and feel is great. The technical accuracy is good.
One suggestion: It would be great, in the sum up section, to be able to a download the content of this introduction - either as Word or as PDF.
Best regards

Hi Despi,

Many thanks for taking the time to review this and thank you for the feedback.

I am happy to announce that, based on the feedback received from multiple sources (including the community of developers, of course), we will be adding a quiz in each lesson.

Stay tuned for the post-review version :slight_smile:



Hi @StefanSchnell,

Thank you for taking the time to review this lesson and also for your feedback. You will definitely be able to download the workflows in the demos and practices and most probably the scripts of the videos. We will see if there is a solution for what you are asking now.