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I was checking the certification details and I saw the focus on the “RPA developer advanced path”. However, when I go to https://academy.uipath.com/learn I sea the module RPA developer in which there are many levels.

1- If I want to apply for the certification, is it the correct module to take? considering level 1, 2, and 3? Is it enough?
2- there is also the REFramework that I should be taken into consideration… Is it only the fact to see the functionalities in general of the workflows or what?
3- is it possible to be ready for this certification before 31st of december ? how much time should the learning path take normally?

Thank you !

Hi , congratulations on your new Automation Journey

Please find my answers below

  1. Level 1, 2 and 3 along with reframework knowledge will give you enough skills to go for certification

  2. The Task in Certification Exam need to be developed in Reframework , so you must have reframework knowledge

  3. Yes , you can . provided allocation dedicated time of 3 hrs a day to learn and hands on practise

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Yes if you want to become RPA Developer then you have to complete all 3 levels.

Yes you should learn REFramework also. After all these 3 levels there is one more certification in certificate.uipath.com and for this REFramework is mandatory. So better to learn before only at the time of doing Level 3 Advanced Training certification.

Still you have almost 2 months of time and i guess it’s enough if you spend daily 2 to 3 hours.

If you face any issues then let us know and we all are ready to help you whenever you need.

All the best. Happy Automation :grinning:


@lakshman hello again, I strated the first lesson, and I noticed that in each lesson there’s a documentation part with the corresponding links… should we read then the whole doc or it is just for further information and not really necessary for the certification materials comprehension ?

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Yes you have to go through each document and also they will give some tasks also in between and complete that also. I request you to don’t skip anything. I am sure all these documents will help you a lot.

Initially don’t think about time like it’s taking more time and all and let it be. Once you are familiar with all these things then you can do it fast.

So i’m mainly looking for clarification…
In what order should we be taking the following?

RPA Developer
RPA Developer - Production ready

Thank you in advance

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