RPA Certification

UiPath RPA Developer Foundation Training – Final Test we will get one practical question. How many types of questions are there. please tell me

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Hi @krishna

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I hope we have only theoretical question…may be I m wrong as it’s been long time
Mostly we would be getting in foundational level on how to use data fetching with activities like get text activity and anchor based activity, screen scrapping, Data scrapping etc
And on how to enter the data back to the field tha would include type into and send hot keys, etc

Simple buddy…that’s all
All the very best for your exam and I hope you could crack this easily

Hope this would help you

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Thanks for the reply.
i mean in practical exam we will get the same question or different questions for different persons. if different questions how many will be

Hmm… may be you can get the same, but to avoid any such uipath might update their questions any time, surprisingly
I hope you would clear either of them
All the best and join the club
Cheers @krishna

Welcome to UIPATH dont be afraid of the numbers ,just enjoy watching the video tutorial
Happy Learning cheers :smiley: