I need help as a beginner :)

RPA and AI are rapidly developing technologies that have just entered our lives. Although I am interested in technology and software, I do not have experience in any software branch. I’m trying to learn C# and at the same time, I want to step into this world (RPA) and turn it into a profession. I am open to your advice that will guide me. As a beginner, I would be very happy if you could help me with what I should do and where to start.

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My Advice is Complete the UiPath Academy Course,
you can take the course for free at https://academy.uipath.com/


Hi @Erdem_Ozbay

First of all welcome to the UiPath Community!!

If you are interested to work in RPA, it is a best place to work with UiPath. You can learn the UiPath by UiPath Academy it is a platform where the courses and training goes.

You can use the Community edition which is free to use and you can learn with this edition. Login to the UiPath Cloud and register for community edition and you can download the UiPath studio from the website.

Firstly, login to UiPath Academy and start the beginner courses.

For the YouTube channels to learn UiPath,
Automate with Rakesh,
Mukesh kala,
Harika Mudiam.

Hope it helps!!

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Welcome @Erdem_Ozbay to the UiPath Community Forums :partying_face:

I would recommend watching Anders Jensen’s YouTube channel, he has excellent UiPath tutorials.

I would also highly recommend the following channels:
UiPath with Jeppe

Automate with Rakesh



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I have seen these courses before but I don’t know which one to start with

thank u so much, I’m gonna check out these youtube channels. But I don’t know which of the courses in the UiPath academy I should start with. There are about 60 courses for beginners.

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thanks for advice, I’ll check these out

Okay @Erdem_Ozbay

You can start with Automation developer associate training course. Enroll the course and start learning from beginning.

Check the below link to redirect to course,

This is the certification course for associate level but who are start their learning this was very useful.

If you got any doubt in the middle of your learning you can check the videos in channels that I have posted in the previous post Or you can raise a query in Forum then Experts will Help you to sort your queries.

Hope you understand!!