Row is not declared. Append line issue

Hi am trying to add excel data table to an email body.
I made a text file so I can use the txt file for a email body.
I am getting an error in append line. In the text I have used this

But I am getting an error

‘row’ is not declared. It may be inaccessible due to its protection level.

How to fix this or any other suggestion.
Many thanks

Hello @ravindar.singh ,

Can you post a screenshot with your flow?

Is this activity inside a for each row from datatable?


Hi @ravindar.singh

Did you want to convert the datatable to html table,

In this package there is an activity called convert to html, please try this


You can use row(from for each row) within the for each scope.

instead of row use currentrow

changed to current row now having another issue



Sorry I am still very new to uipath

You have a typo, is .ToString, not ToSring, at the CurrentRow(“Name”).

Please correct that, shoul work after.


it worked thanks heaps.

I get this type of result in e mail body I need it into table format how could i get it



Did you check the option…Is Html?
From the Send outlook email…

I hope it helps…


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