Create table with formatting

Hi, I have used Build Datatable activity to create a datatable and would like to insert that datatable into my email body.
However, when use Output Datatable as string, the output would become:

Header1, Header2

Is it possible to create a datatable with formatting and borders etc within UiPath?

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Hello @inyourgravity,

A simple solution could be create a template html of your body text, in the following link there is an example that you can use.

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For an email body, you need to convert the table to html.

You might check this activity out created by the great vvaidya

Or you can create your own workflow component that reads in arguments and you can make it much more powerful that creates an entire email body into html with desired border and color properties.

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May I ask how do I write it into my body?
The output is string, but the outcome is not formatted.I got something like this instead.

Hi @inyourgravity
In your Send Email activity, place that string in the Body property, and check the “IsHTML” property to checked.

Hope that answers it.