Rookie: UIPath reads native PDF file as image

Hi, I am trying to scrape data from an invoice in order to store the details as a list of variables to input into another system.
The invoice is printed direct from a system (i.e. it is not a scanned invoice) but the Find Element function is viewing the full invoice as an image. The image is read correctly but this is not how I would like it read. I have tried different zoom levels but this has not worked - I still have not been able to select individual items.
I have tried to read a simple document I set up myself in Word, then saved as a PDF. Although this was again a system PDF, it read the word “Invoice No.” and the number as a single image. The only success I had with this form was when I put the invoice number on a separate line to the words “Invoice No.”
Is there any way I can get UIPath to read the invoice using Native text to select individual items rather than having to read the whole invoice as an image.

Any help would be appreciated.


Try scrape relative.

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Hi Vivek,

Thanks for the update. I have tried relative scraping but found that it did not work well with some items, particularly dates. Additionally, I need to zoom in to ensure other items are read correctly, putting some information down to the bottom of the page where it cannot be read.


Change Accessibility settings in Adobe reader and try scraping individual data. :grinning:

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That has helped a bit, it is now reading some text rather than an image, however it is still reading the text in blocks. For instance it won’t read “Invoice No.” on its own, but only as part of a group of lines.


You can use string manipulation.
Assign InvoiceNo = ExtractedString.substring(ExtractedString.indexof("Invoice No. ")+10),7)