Read Specific Data From PDF

Im Reading a pdf and get a text file. From that text i want data like invoice ,invoice date, due date by using string manipulation. I am unable to get it. here my pdf is attached

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—we can use read pdf activity or read pdf ocr activity (if it has images in it) and get the output with a variable of type string of
—or if we want to get the data from pdf which has solid anchor text beside to the value we want like Invoice : 1234567
Invoice Date : 22/02/19
Due Date : 12/12/12
Without reading the whole pdf, we can keep these text at the right as anchor and get the text from the right with get text or screen scrapping method from design tab of studio, by keeping ANCHOR BASE activity where
Find element or find image activity at the left to find the text as anchor and get text or screen scrapping at the right side to get the text


We can use computer vision activities as well

Hope this would help you
Kindly try this and let know for any queries or clarification
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I think you should study about RegEX.

I have pdf in that i want to extract specific details but by using string manipulatiion .here my pdf is and workflow is attached. I want to split the text of pdf. then want the specific data and save it to excel .how can I do?

you did not attach the files

Kindly attach once again with files
Cheers @aishwarya27

For this case ! If i have some 100 pdf loop it and using this get text or screen scraping methods, then while running Is necessary that all the images needs to be opened right on screen?
if i am using read pdf and do string manip ? we don’t need those files to be opened on screen correct?
Tell me that my understanding is correct? @Palaniyappan @srdjan.suc

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I have the string data in the text and want to write into excel using write to cell, there is an error at the runtime ,“The Range Does Not exist”. How to Remove that error

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Yah that’s right if we are using get text or screen scrapping the. We need the off to be opened and brought to the fore ground of the screen
If we are using read pdf or read pdf ocr is used we don’t even pdf application or to be opened if there

Cheers @Sriram07 @aishwarya27

Make sure that the excel is closed while we perform this with write cell activity
—and also the cell been mentioned in the write cell activity should be mentioned correctly

Kindly try this and let for any queries or clarification
Cheers @aishwarya27

Its all Correct. Actually I’m Facing Problem here. And when i’m saving the assign var as >ToString ,in the excel, its inly written as System.string. I have attached the xaml file.Sequence4.xaml (8.8 KB)

i have tried to move file from one folder to another by using move file activity but it can show error that path of file cannot find.

kindly check once whether the file path mention as input in source is correct or not like whether the file is in that path or not
Cheers @aishwarya27

Thanks. It was helpful

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I am trying to Install Uipath studion of enterprise edition free trial on my laptop. I have followed the same procedure I have previously followed. But Its not working. Its Get Installed but not opening.

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Kindly search in start uipath studio and open it
No worries
Uninstall and re-install the studio and try once buddy

Cheers @aishwarya27

I have uninstalled and reinstalled it 4-5 times but still its not opening.

How to download pdf from web

I have a pdf containing tablular data and i want to extract specific data from table and write it intp excel. I have attached the pdf and required excelSample 1.pdf (317.8 KB) Capture (20.9 KB)
Try it!.