Robots User Rights

Hi !
When training and developping robots, the robot runs with my account and has all the privileges of it (I’m admin of my machine).

But because of security reasons, when I will develop Process in client environements, the Robots will have limited rights. The security teams is asking me all the necessary privileges the robots will need to have. Beside all the ones for installing and executing the robots I found in the docs, I was concerned by some topics were people was saying that the robots can’t access UI or found selectors.

If the robots have all the same right of a normal User doing the process, is there still chances I would encounter rights issue with the Robots, because of the way UiPath interact with the system or with the applications ? (like Kill Process, UI access with selectors, and UiPath activities because they need special privileges ?).

Is there any developper experience about issue with right limitation :slight_smile: ?

Thanks in advance for the help :slight_smile: !

Hi @Smixi,

I think in that case you shouldn’t have any issue. If the robot is able to perform the tasks you have made him for during development process then nothing should change later.

Hi @Pablito , thanks :slight_smile:
During the developpement, I will also have limited privileges. I’m mostly worried if I will not be able to develop the robots as clients may have a strict rights policy. :cry: , and I wanted to list those rights, so they might be granted (or not and then well …) to make sure everything run smoothly.