Admintrator rights

Hello everyone !

What is your opinion regarding the admin rights on the user where the robot run ?
Is it recommended that the user to have admin rights during the development period ?

Thanks !


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Are you doing any operations with the admin rights in your process?

Hi @sarathi125 !

The process does not involve operations with admin rights. But I’ve encountered errors with Uipath Studio & Uipath Robot Service and only with admin rights i could manage them (i think).

If you don’t want to run the activities or applications in the bot with admin rights, then admin rights not at all required @DragosPadurariu. Usually the workflow and the bot will run in your local machine with your credentials while provisioning the robot.

Can you post the errors which you are getting?

Hello @DragosPadurariu
The robot needs to have administrator rights while interacting with a few applications that run with higher rights.
For suppose, if a desktop application is running with admin rights and your robot has lower rights, then the bot wouldn’t be able to identify the selectors on the application.

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