Access Denied when run ui path Robot

when i am run ui robot in client pc .it’s given error .access denied


Hi @Maulik_Blueboxinfoso,
This path contains published projects and it’s by default blocked because of security reason. Try to add permissions to the folder (but remember that this is security breach).

Thank you .but give permission to client pc folder?

Let me ask differently. Are you trying to run the package from this path or it’s published in orchestrator?

i am run package directly using cmd.
this way :"C:\Users\virendrasinhgohil\AppData\Local\UiPath\app-19.8.0>UiRobot -file “C:\UiP

Try to run CMD with administrator privileges and then run this command.

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it’s work .thank you :smiley:

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Hi , there .

Similar problems but a little different ,
Uipath and controlled applications are opened with administrator privileges ,
'access denied errors ’ occurred when running activities like 'start process ’ or 'click ’ or 'attach window ’ etc .
I still try to deal with the problem , is there any alternative solution ?

Exchange or discussion please .

Maybe the tool requires authentication legalization or something else ? Currently unknown .

Hello @Pablito,

I got the same problem, but in this case I tried to let Gitlab-runner to run the uiRobot.exe.
When I tried to run as administrator, even if I do it manually, Windows will complains: " A local license is required."
Is there any workaround for this issue?
Thank you for your support.
PS: See also my post about it: Unable to run uiRobot.exe in Gitlab pipeline: Access denied