Robots not able to get Job from Orchestrator

Hi All, need your help please. Our robots are connected in Orchestrator(with heartbeat in Orchestrator > Robots). Schedules are running and countdown is working. However in Orchestrator>Jobs, there is no logs upon the times up for that certain Schedule. Observing the robot itself, no Job starting upon the times up in Schedule.

FYI - all robots and schedules are not working so i doubt it is not isolated to certain robot only.

Additional info - when running Job manually via Orchestrator, it is working…

Hi @Jerome_Cabutotan1,
Can you show the schedule settings etc?

Here is the Schedule

Edit view for specific Schedule:

Here is the Job which are run Manually.

Has this started recently or something like that? Any update, any settings change? And what version and edition of Studio, Robot and Orchestrator do you have?

Yes, just recently. No changes done with the application. Prior to this, we encountered error not able to access Orchestrator due to database issue. I guess it somehow related to that but we are unable to pinpoint since we are not getting any error(maybe there is in logs? which we are not aware).

Please below version:
Orchestrator - 2018.1.2
Studio - 2019.4.2
Robot - 2019.4.2

For the prior error:

As per checking today, it is now working. :grinning:.

But I noticed, below error keeps popping up.Would this have major impact?

I’m afraid that main problem here is Orchestrator vs Robot/Studio incompatibility. Please look at this compatibility matrix (Compatibility matrix) with your case marked on it:

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