ROBOTS becoming unresponsive

When i connect Robots to orchestrator they are becoming unresponsive and then picking up heartbeat after some time. Did anyone face this issue? I restarted the Robot services. My orchestrator is behind an ELB, once i shut one server down it works fine.

We got the same thing after upgrading from 2017 to 2018 version. However, they never told me what exactly they did to resolve the issue; they may have just reinstalled Orchestrator.

I would recommend escalating your problem to UiPath or whoever was installing the application because we had to work with them for a resolution.

Exactly started facing this after we migrated to 2018 from 2017. did they fix it in call with you? did they fix it while in call with you.

I was in a few of the calls to confirm that the upgrade was working, which is how they knew the Robots were unresponsive. I was not however in the call when they resolved the issue because they were working with our IT that is supporting the RPA servers.

Are you using Enterprise version or Community?

This error is caused by robot.exe service not running. we also encountered this error, we noticed that the robot.exe service could not be started after restarting the robot server and we solved the problem by activating it again.