#robot MyRobo is unresponsive. (#1223)

Hello All,

Since three days, i’ve been seeing message from UipathPlatform saying “#robot MyRobo is unresponsive. (#1223)”. When i run my bot from studio dev/testing, its very very slow.
I’ve tried

  • disconnecting the bot and platform, and reconnecting
  • Restarting the studio
  • Restarting the system
    None of them are helping.

Any suggestions from the learned folks here please


Did you try creating new robot in orchestrator and run the process?

I am also facing the same issue, tried creating new robot , disconnected and connected robot multiple times but somehow nothing is not working , moreover Orchestrator UI is not stable.

hey @rmalik19 and @kpsridhar

Go through this link,You’re question might be answered here!!!

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