Robots going unresponsive ORCHESTRATOR 2018.4.3



Hi all,

We have recently updated our orchestrator from 2018.2.6 to 2018.4.6.

After the update we can see that the robots in Orchestrator keeps going unresponsive at an interval of time(4mins to 6 mins). During this time the scheduled jobs are not getting triggered.

Are there anyone facing similar issues? Any solution to fix this

Thanks in advance!


We received same issue. I would share what we did, but installation responsibility was shifted to IT and they are not normally very transparent on resolutions.

Our IT had an UiPath representative help resolve the issue. If I was to guess, I would say the license or Robot.exe was not installed right.
I suggest have UiPath support on this:



Thanks for the reply @ClaytonM . I have already raised a ticket with UiPath. They looked into the issue they weren’t able to find whats causing the issue. We are still waiting for the response them.

I tried reinstalling the robots but that didn’t fixed the issue.



Hello @ashoks93,

Is the Orchestrator instance hosted in Azure? If so, please check whether this is s single-node or a multiple-node instance. If it is a multiple-node, you need to make sure that redis is added to the instance, and the correct updates are made to the web.config file.

Also, how many schedules do you have enabled? In the db, are there any blocked triggers in the Quartz Triggers table?

Thank you!