Robotic enterprise framework not executing flowchart

Hello, I am using the robotic enterprise framework

I have a flowchart that I put inside the “Process.xaml” file, which is inside the process transaction block.

None of my activities are being executed though. Any ideas why?


Hi @kdrumz

have you used process xaml have u invoked workflow

ashwin S

Hello @kdrumz

In he REFramework, From Get Transaction Data state, are you getting any data to be processed in the Process state? Make sure the TransactionItem variable has data when it completes the get transaction data state. It is what is used in the process xaml file to do the processing.

Hi @AshwinS2 yes I am invoking the workflow image

When I click “Open Workflow” that will take me to my flowchart which than has a bunch of sequences inside, which are not being executed. Any ideas what else to check?

Hi @Lahiru.Fernando

No data must be coming through then… My process.xaml is invoked here.


If i click “Open Workflow” my flowchart is there with a bunch of sequences. So what should I try?

Check whether you get any data returned from the get transaction data state. You can have some write lines added in the file so that you can see what values the variables hold when it is running. If not, you can try the debug option so that you can see how the data flows within the solution. it gives you more clarity of your program.

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Add a breakpoint where Process.xaml is invoked. If it is reached, inspect the workflow more closely using step through to find what is wrong. If it is not reached, then it means REF has not detected any transactions to process. Depending on how you set REF up (either processing an orchestrator queue or just iterating through a local datatable), this data is retrieved during GetTransactionData a bit differently. Add a breakpoint after that workflow to ensure there are transactions to process.

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So I didn’t set up a orchestrator queue at all. I just got this error, which I’m guessing is why my flowchart is never reached?


Yes that would stop execution before your Process.xaml is reached. Check out the Academy courses on REF that will show you some steps to change REF from orchestrator queue based to processing a local datatable.

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Hi, I started using Execution Trail functionlity ecently and I found out it doesn’t work together with Robotic Enterprise Framework. Check it out, perhaps you do the same… regards.