Transaction inside transactions

Hi All!
How would you solve the following situation? The process is like this:

  1. Users upload an Excel file with a list of companies to a Form
  2. This creates a Transaction Item in Orchestrator
    And here comes the interesting part:
    3.Robot will run in a REFramework process and in this case the transaction is the Excel file which has been submitted on the Form.
  3. In the process state the robot loops over the companies from the Excel file and scrapes some information about them from the internet.
  4. User gets back the Excel file with data populated on the companies. (Expected output: 1st sheet - Report on process (for each company), 2nd sheet - XY Company Data, 3rd sheet - XZ Company Data…etc for all companies in the list)

Now my problem is that the 4th step is full of exceptions and it would be really good to use the benefits of ReFramework also in this stage. So I am wondering that the first framework’s Process state should call an other process (which also uses ReFramework) where the transactions are the companies. So if that fails then the whole Excel as a transaction wont fail just one company from the list.

TLDR: Is ReFramework inside ReFramework viable?



Hi @unyiattila,

Please note that the main process need not necessarily fail if one of the transactions fails. You can manage that with exception handling to ensure you update the status and carry on processing.

You can always use a separate Dispatcher to load the list of companies onto an Orchestrator queue and use one or multiple robots to run Performer to get the individual company details. The downside is, you will need additional logic to reconcile the overall result.

Hi @goodoldme,
Thank you for your comment! :slight_smile:
I know that it does not have to fail but to implement the retry mechanism and everything that is contained in the ReFramework is a duplicated effort to have.
I know about the Dispatcher / Performer mechanism, but I wouldnt load it to Orchestrator once again since it is in an Excel already (and in case of this process no one will monitor if one company fails or not, it will be the users tasks to resolve them, so it is better to have the error messages in the Excel).


If your requirement is below then you should not look for RE inside RE framework design .
Input=1 excel from some application which will contain transaction details (each company in excel row is a transaction)
RE Framework -Solution Design
1.Init State ->New Custom State1( Download Excel & Extract transactions and add it to queue)->Get Transaction state(fetch values from queue)->Process State (fetch info of current q item and update excel)->End(after all transactions are complete)

If you have multiple excels then you can make ‘No Queue item’ condition to transist from Get Transaction state to New Custom State 1 (have proper validation to avoid duplicate excel processing)


Hi @Thiviya!
It will be hard to implement (basically it could be a subversion of ReFramework :slight_smile: ), but sounds like a really good solution!
If anyone has other ideas I would really appreciate it.