Robot will not run from command line

Scenario: Trying to run robot from command line

Steps to reproduce: Schedule robot from scheduler, set it to run on highest privileges and even if user is not logged in

Current Behavior: Robot will not run. In command line it gives error “A process cannot be started on different user account”. Robot still runs from studio.

Expected Behavior: Robot should just run

Studio/Robot/Orchestrator Version:2017.1

Last stable behavior:-
Last stable version:-
OS Version:Windows server
Others if Relevant: (workflow, logs, .net version, service pack, etc):

Close all running Robots using Task Manager.
Right click on robot(From installed location) application and Run as administrator.

Then open command prompt or Batch file as Run As administrator.
I think it will work for you.


Thanks for your response skkumar. I ended all uirobot tasks, started uirobot as administrator, started the uipath robot service and then started the process as administrator through CMD, but am still getting the error.

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Could you Run Robot.exe as Administrator.
Open Task manager , search for UiRobotSvc in Services.Restart UiRobotSvc process.
Give full access permission to Robot as well as .Xaml files.
Now , you can execute via command prompt.
Still if you are facing issue, open Event Viewer in your system and check for application errors to get more details.


Figured out the problem and am not too proud about it, but I’ll share the answer for future reference. The saved credentials in credential manager were missing the domain name. so instead of “domain\user” I just had “user”. Thanks for helping me!

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If so, i think you may facing problem with workflow logical/syntax mismatch , not faced issue when executing workflow .

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Could you share the answer for this problem with images