Robot to take care of passwords

Robots to manually keep a track of their passwords and update it in the system as well as Orchestrator

Each robot should take care of their own credentials and update it before the password gets expired own their own :

  • Maintain a database of all the robots and each day when a robot is executed it will first check the status of the password when it was last updated and change password, if required, as per companies policy
  • Single robot to update the passwords in Orchestarator, which will have admin privileges.

Hi Vikas
How can I create a file (probably excel) to keep all passwords from diferente APP so that the robot can read and update them on it.
Basicaly to have 1 single file to manage all passwords. Would you recomend to have a file like this?

Update Credential in scope for 18.2. Robot will update only its own credential.


Well… due to security stuff we need to reconsider the implementation.

We are using CyberArk for this - storing passwords and calling AIM API from robots to call API to CyberArk, Just a thought.


@apbrito I wouldn’t recommend using an excel file to keep track of passwords as it’s not at all secure. Even if you password protect the file there’s no way to track who uses or updates the values.

Keeping track of passwords should be done in Orchestrator asset, Windows credential manager or - if you have a lot of money - in CyberArk.