Robot credential sync with AD



can link the AD accounts to the robots credentials ? its for not manual update allcredentials of all bots


@luchovelez - Yes, you can link the AD accounts to Orchestrator. Below link provides more details. If you create AD accounts for all the bots and then for low maintenance you can set the password not to expire (not recommended though) for these accounts.


the question is how don’t mantain manually the user acounts of the bots not the orchestrator users


@luchovelez - Credentials for the bots can be stored in Orchestrator Assets. e.g. if a bot is logging into a web site, the credentials for this website can be stored in Orchestrator Assets. In this case, if the website forces you to change the password at regular intervals, then the updated password will need to be updated in Orchestrator Assets too.


i mean to login account for the machine when i create the bot


@luchovelez - I am not sure I follow your question or the issue you seem to be having. Could you please provide more details on what you are trying to achieve and the issues you are facing?


the problem is how to not manual updating the credential for bot access to machines because are a user AD for attended bots and is administrated for the system admin or the AD policies, the problem is the user change the password, the bot have been update too but is manual work


Currently this is possible with integration with Cyberark only.


Hi @luchovelez

As mentioned earlier, it is not yet possible, but is on our radar for future releases.
We understand how convenient it would be :slight_smile:


it’s possible do that with cyberark ?


can you explain me that or some documentation?


I hope those articles will be helpful: