Password changes for Attended Bots

Hi, there are a couple of attended bots for which account user and password in the respective robots. Whenever the password is changed as per the policies, the user has to manually change it the Orch to which the Orch admin has to provide the temporary permissions everytime.

Is there any way to bypass the need to grant and revoke the Orch access to the users but have the updated password in the robot.

Hi @bharadwaj_b

UiPath provides a feature called Credential Store, which allows you to securely store and manage credentials within Orchestrator. Instead of directly entering the username and password in the robot, you can configure the robot to retrieve the credentials from the Credential Store.


How are the Attended Robots connected to Orchestrator? For attended robots there shouldn’t be credentials to the PCs stored in Orchestrator. Are you using interactive sign in? Robot - Setting Up Interactive Sign-In (

I am having the assets of credential type in which the robots are assigned. so these assets are needed to be updated everytime the password is changed.

So there’s a set of credential assets holding the PC login credentials that need to be updated whenever a person changes their password?

Any reason why the users can’t go into Orchestrator to update their assets?

As of now users are changing the passwords with a temporary access. I don’t want to give that access of changing the passwords to the users in the Orchestrator. can this be done?

I don’t think so, since there’s no per-user access control for credential assets. A potential workaround if you’re really concerned about it is to create 1 x modern folder per user, link the credential asset for each user in that modern folder, and for each user grant access to their respective folders.

Not a scalable solution, but at least the users can just go in and update their own credential assets at their own time, and won’t be able to see / edit other user’s assets.