Robot running status

I created an automation that reads from an Excel file stored in SharePoint. The Excel file contains a column that stores email addresses. After reading all the necessary info in the Excel file, the automation will send email using the SendOutlookMail activity and update the Excel file after the email has been sent out.

My users will update the Excel file and then run this automation using UiPath Assistant. We encountered a situation where after the automation is ran, no email is sent out and the Excel file is not updated. No error is shown in UiPath Assistant. When I ran the same automation reading the same Excel file using UiPath Studio, it showed that the automation was encountering error for the data in the email address column of the Excel file. Upon checking, we found that it contains invalid character “:” instead of the “;” for separating multiple email addresses.

May I know whether UiPath Assistant writes to any logs to show whether the automation ran successfully or encountered any error?

Is there a way for the automation to validate the email addresses read from the Excel file, skip sending the email and inform user of the error?

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First when you run the bot from assistant even then logs are created in orchestrator and you would see the run is from assistant as well…

alternately if robot connection to orchestrator is failed or not present in the interim they are stored in a temporary location ,generally in C:\Windows\SysWOW64\config\systemprofile\AppData\Local\UiPath\Logs\execution_log_data

When you say validate you can actually use some validation rules to check if the each email is separated by colon and all and also if email format is proper using regex…but again these validation needs to be customized as per need

Alternately we can use a try catch around the send email and can display the error details to that comes when send email fails

To display we can create a form using forms activity and display the error message to the user

Hope this helps


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