Robot read excel perfectly in studio, but cannot run in Uipath assistant

Everything worked perfectly in Uipath studio, however, the robot failed after I published the robot and run it in UiPath Assistant.

All excel packages were updated to the newest version but the error still exists.
Screenshot 2021-08-05 172545

What should I do?

Can you share the full filepath that you are trying to retrieve?

my excel scope looks like this.

Are you running the Assistant for the first time? Is it an attended Bot or an unattended one?

For the first question:

I’m not running uipath assistant for the first time. I got other robots too.
It makes me more confused coz some of those other robots have excel scope too but not like this robot, they work perfectly.

For the second question:

It’s an attended bot. Here is the whole process of my bot.

Thanks for your help!

Is the Studio and the Attended Bot(Assistant) in the same machine?
If not, may be the Config file is not placed in the same path in the other machine where you are running the attended Bot.

Yes. They are in the same machine.