Robot project

I have a concern
I developed a process that interact with many applications. It’s running perfectly in my machine

I wonder If I run it in another machines using uipath assistant, would it run the same.
Would my selectors choose the right elements in other machines?

If I run it in orchestrator…is it going to run exactly the same as my pc.

What is the best way to deploy my process in other machines without any adjustments

Hi @BHA !
If your selectors are enough generic, then it should be alright to run it on other machines.
Do you have in mind a selector that might need to become generic ? You could add wildcards (* or ?) to make it more generic, if you talk about paths (C:\users\etc) then you should use instead Path.GetFullPath(“name of the file”)

The better way to run it is to publish it on Orchestrator and run from there…

Only after running it once you can understand if there are any system settings or selectors that need to be changed(making dynamic).

Give a try publishing and running directly from Orchestrator…

Let us know if you face any issues while publish or triggering the job…

All the best

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Also one more point that I would like to add in a list of points provided by @Pravin_Patil1 and @Hiba_B is as below:
Do check if the environment that you will be running the bot is same as the environment that you developed the bot in. Check for target application versions and access. They should be same as what you had on development machine.

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Definitely, check also the name of the processes in the task manager, sometimes its named differently

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Thanks for your reply…
I am using only one file xls config in the setting folder.
How should I deal with it If I publish my robot in orchestrator

If you publish the robot with a xls file, you can change its properties where orchestrator keeps your code and use it to run in the following path:

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