Robot Processors Understanding

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I have a question regarding Processors when standing up a Server/VM for an Unattended Bot. Right now, I have a workflow that opens up an excel sheet and does some calculation. Currently I have a VM that has 2 Processors and when I run it as a job in Orchestator I see that two excel processes open up in the Task Manager within the VM. The question I have is, wouldn’t the unattended robot step on each other toes if it opens up the excel sheet in two different CPUs making the VM spike in CPU%?

Hi @kadenfrazier

When running a process in UiPath Orchestrator with multiple robots, each robot operates independently and has its own isolated environment. In your case, with a VM having 2 instances it is expected that each robot instance will run on a separate. However, this doesn’t necessarily mean that the robots will interfere with each other or cause conflicts when working with Excel.

If you are observing a spike in CPU usage when running two instances of your unattended robot on a VM with two processors, You can check the

Resource Allocation:

Ensure that the VM has adequate resources allocated, including sufficient CPU and RAM, to handle multiple robot instances concurrently.

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That might spike becaus its same system…

But excels wont be a problem…because each will be opened in its own user

Also on thing to bear in mind is to use kill process with only current iser option sot hat the excel of other user is not killed


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