Robot is connected to Orchestrator, but no processes are listed in the system tray


Here’s the issue - We have a user in the UK that is connected to our Orchestrator instance in the US, but has no processes listed in their system tray. Obviously, the user is placed in an environment in Orchestrator that has processes assigned to it.

US users attached to the same Orchestrator instance and environment DO see the processes properly listed. In Orchestrator, both the US and UK bots show as “Available”, and their respective system tray icons are showing “Connected”.

  • Where can I look to troubleshoot this issue? Would attempts to transfer the packages to the user be logged when they aren’t successful?
  • Has anyone encountered this before and how were you able to solve it?

Thank you!


Hi Tyler,

Can the user in UK access the Orchestrator from the Robot machine?

Hi Ovi,

Yes. They can access our Orchestrator URL, and their bot is connected in Orchestrator.

Hi Tyler,

You can open Event Viewer from windows then Windows Logs > Application and see if there are any uipath errors.
Trigger a refresh from robot tray.

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Also, is Orchestrator in cloud or on premise?

Adrei, thank you for your reply. We have tried a refresh, and no processes show. We are looking into the event log now. I will update you if we find anything. From our perspective, it doesn’t look like the payload is reaching the end user at all, so there may not be any event log errors at all.

Is there a location in the server instance (Orchestrator) where we can find similar logs? For example, attempts to send packages to the client.

Ovi, Orchestrator is on-premise. We are still looking into network factors, but we have verified there are no firewall issues between the US and UK.

Facing the same issue on one of our bots. It’s connected to Orchestrator, and we can kick off processes from Orchestrator, but none appear on the robot tray