Process is not showing in ui robot Tray


I connected UI Robot with orchestrator. I publish the process but it is not showing in ui robot tray.

Once I disconnect UI Robot from orchestrator, It is again showing published process.


Please guide me on this.

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@Jayesh_678 you need to add the process in Orchestrator.
After publishing

Hi everyone,

The Cloud Platform is currently experiencing an intermittent outage that is affecting some customers for limited periods of time. Our team is fully engaged on this and is working around the clock to identify the root cause and mitigate the issue.

For latest updates on the status of the issue and to get notified when it gets resolved, please visit and subscribe to updates from there.


These symptoms are not persistent. They have been happening on and off during the past 24 hours. The issue is impacting both Enterprise and Community cloud customers.

We will report back here once the issue is resolved.

I can see in the first image that the bot is still in unlicensed state as it is not yet provisioned correctly
In orchestrator go to robot tab
—make sure that in machine tab we have created machine with same name as in your robot tray
—and check whether the robot type is chosen as Unattended
And while mentioning domain and username make sure that it’s the same as in your machine
To find the exact one your machine go to cmd window and type the command as whoami and get the value of domain and username

—then once after creating robot make sure that it tagged with a environment

Now connect and try once

Cheers @Jayesh_678

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