Robot execution logs - change log level when executing from Studio

Hi all,
I’ve found that when executing a project via Community Studio (i.e.: while developing), the execution log level is always trace, in fact all my Log activities with trace level are logged in the file. Is there a way to set the robot log level when executing the process via Studio, as I usually do while developing?


Log Message activity has drop down option to select Log level. You can select which level you want.

As @lakshman said there are five log levels like this
Trace, Info, Warn, Error and Fatal.

And we can choose the on among this
For more details on this

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thanks for your responses. I’ll try to explain better (english is not my primary language): I know I can choose between different log levels in the log activity, so for example all the details of an activity will be logged as trace (as is usually done in “normal” programming languages). Bu usually the “logging system” (in this case the robot?) cam be configured to log only above certain log levels, so in production I’ll configure che Robot to NOT log the Trace and Debug, and only log Info and above. It looks like that this kind of configuration can be done on the orchestrator only (when running a process via the Orchestrator I mean), but not when running a process via the Studio during the development of that activity.

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