How to change log level for Robot Execution Logs?

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UiPath explains changing the default logging level from the orchestrator settings window.

But it doesn’t work.
Does anyone know how to change log level for Robot Execution Logs from default (information) to another level?

I tried to do this on UiPath Community Edition.(So, I don’t use Orchestrator.)

My execution log is below.

01:22:23.5733 Info {“message”:“空のプロセス の実行が開始しました”,“level”:“Information”,“logType”:“Default”,“timeStamp”:“2019-07-26T01:22:23.56234+09:00”,“fingerprint”:“968ab1d2-XXXX-4d0c-bb02-53bXXXXXX”,“windowsIdentity”:“DIR\XXXXXXX”,“machineName”:“CPX-XXXXXXX”,“processName”:“空のプロセス”,“processVersion”:“1.0.0”,“jobId”:“98bca456-730c-4e24-957a-0aa8596224c3”,“robotName”:“DIR\XXXXXXX”,“machineId”:0,“fileName”:“Main”}

Start UiPath Robot
Click on Orchestrator Settings

Just change this.
Even if there is no Orchestrator the change should be valid

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Thank you srdjan.suc.

If I change level on Robot Logging section from “information” to “off”, all execution logs will not be output?
I tried this. But execution log still output as level “information”.

I thought if I set Robot logging level as “off”, no logs would not be output.


welcome to uipath community
–the one you are seeing the output panel is from either of write line activity or a log message activity
if using log message activity then we need to mention the log type in the drop down
like whether Trace, Info, Warn, Error and Fatal.
for more info on this

or if not
still you feel like not reflecting in ORCHESTRATOR then as @srdjan.suc said we can adjust the log level and make sure that the robot is executed via orchestrator and you can check them in the orchestrator logs either by going to job tab and pressing on the right end of the job ran previous and press on view logs
or we can check inthe robot tab and click on the view logson pressing the right threedots on the robot with which the process is run

hope this would help you
Kindly try this and let know for any queries or clarification
Cheers @krs882

Thank you for your reply, Palaniyappan.

And I’m sorry for my bad explanation.
Let me change the question.(I’m interested in the following)
Is the following correct?
-Logs below the level set in Robot Logging are not output.
ex. In the case Robot Logging level set “Warning”, output execution log level are “Warning”,“Error”,“Critical” (except “Information”,“Trace”,“Verbose”).

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Yes, the Robot logs the level you selected and more Severe logging levels

yes exactly the one you set while using log message activity will reflect in both studio level and orchestrator level
while the one we set with robot tray logging will reflect in orchestrator alone

hope this would help you
Cheers @krs882