Robot - Draw a Sketch

Stumbled upon this post on twitter by @imran.loon, just wanted to share so you can appreciate the idea. Good work Imran.

I’m posting this without users consent, you can take it down if against the guidelines.


No, it’s not against guidelines. I’ve also seen one on LinkedIn by @Santan_Barnwal :

It’s public so i think it is meant to be shared. :slight_smile:


That is so cool :+1: @imran.loon

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Thank You @vvaidya for sharing my post in this forum.


Thank You @badita :slight_smile:

@imran.loon could we also share the source code here, for people to learn from and admire?

Could you please share the source code

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look on this

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Here is the logic and workflow which you can refer.


Check out the video to create sketch robot using UiPath in a simple manner!!

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Very nice)

Good job!

Can you attach sample .xaml file.

Video is not start.There is issue.So please share again video link

@Priyanka_Sorate I guess you wanted this link Imran Loon on LinkedIn: #FUTURise #RPA #TechMahindra #UiPath #SketchAutomation - the hotspot… | 22 comments

ok thanks

Hi guys,

Anyone having .xaml file? (1.8 MB)

Here’s the source code - I modified this version to draw a little faster than the original video did.