Uipath cogntive Abilities


Hi All,

Is there any chance that using some Uipath activities can we draw sketches ?

Thanks in advance


hi @somas1218

Check the below post



Hey @somas1218

Yes we can :slight_smile:. It is just about image parsing of pixels :slight_smile: thing can be achieve easily :slight_smile:
Even a simple workflow XAML script will do this :slight_smile:

Let me know if you want a script for the same :slight_smile: and the simplest logic so everyone can understand.
there i have other logics as well :slight_smile:



Thank you akash. Can you please email me and my mail is smsndrm147@gmail.com.


Hello @aksh1yadav,

If you share it on forum that will be thankful everybody can have clarity. I am asked question related sketch in the interview, question is as follows,
can we make robot to draw a sketch?
I could not answer :frowning:



Sure i will :slight_smile: share a skeleton and simplest logic :slight_smile:

THis is really strange because it is not useful at all in the office realted or other automation Process.

This is just for learning or fun you can use it and to show a tool capabilty someone not remembering the name had started this then everybody was just :slight_smile:

Will upload it when will get Laptop Access :slight_smile:.

Check it out - Robot-Draw Skecth- StandAlone Workflow