Robot doesn't execute

I made automation with version 2018.2.3, and tried to execute it with another laptop which UiPath version 2018.4.2, only Robot is installed.
The robot recognized the automation, but nothing happned after I clicked Run button.
How should I do so that the robot can execute ?
Or is this because of the difference of version?

It shouldnt be a version issue. It should prompt to migrate to the new version once you try and open the old version file.
Is there any error that you see once you try and run?

Hi Nadim

Thank you for your prompot response.
Do you mean that I should upgrade the version of UiPath Studio and re-publish the automation,then the Robot can execute?
I don’t see any error, just Robot looks starting and finishes very soon, without any action.

not the studio actually. as you are running an old version on the new studio.
actually its a auto-prompt conversion that happens when you will open the automation in a newer version.
If it does not prompt to migrate then its fine.

im sure there could be some transition issue or and error occurring.
can you have a look at the output panel in the studio or run the automation in debug mode.

I can run the automation with laptop which the Studio is installed without any problem.
I don’t think it’s because of the automation itself.
Do you know if there are some settings to do before letting the Robbot in other laptop recognize the automation?
I’m thinking about upgrading the version of Studio and re-publish the automation.

After a while, somehow I was be able to run the automation, though I didn’t understand what caused the error…
Anyway, thank you very much for giving me advice!