Robot cannot find elements on remote session started by Orchestrator

We have licenses for Orchestrator and 3 unattended robots. (Orchestrator 2017.1.6547)

We have a Server for Orchestrator, another SQL Server for the db, and 3 other 2012 Servers for each of the robots.

A single instance of the robot works fine when launched from Studio. But, won’t work when a job is started from Orchestrator.

The logic is supposed to start a process, get the element that pops up, and click in an option. However, it starts the process and then throws the following exception:

Cannot find UI element coresponding to this selector

What we have tried:

  1. Setting loginToConsole to false or true in the Uipath.settings file. Either way does not work. However, when setting it to false, we check that the robot logs in first as RDP-TCP session and then suddenly changes to console on runtime.

  2. We tried wrapping the logic and using Launch Interactive Workflow with the values: Width: 1920, Height: 1080, Depth: 32, loginToConsole: false (or true) without success either.

  3. We tried changing the registry as the following article suggests:

What can we do?

Since we are running the process from the orchestrator the resolution could be configured easily. Request you to please follow steps below:

  1. Open UiPath studio.

  2. Create a new workflow.

  3. From the activities pane drag and drop the activity take a screenshot from the designer window.

  4. Indicate the entire desktop window as selectors for the take screenshot activity and in provide the variable name in the output property ie “desktopImage.jpg”.

  5. From the activities pane drag and drop the activity Save Image from the designer window.

  6. Save to image to the desired location and run the workflow.

  7. Locate the saved image --> right click --> properties --> details–> locate height, width and depth.

  8. Please note the height, width, and depth

  9. Open %programdata%/UiPath folder.

  10. Open UiPath.settings file.

a) Locate parameter “LoginToConsole” and set the value to false.

b) set Height – “value obtained in step 8”

c) set Width – “value obtained in step 8”

d) set depth – “value obtained in step 8”.

  1. Restart the robot service.

Note: Valid only for orchestrator version 2017 or below, in 2018 resolution could be set in Orchestrator itselfPreformatted text while providing(New feature )

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the robot.

Thank you for the suggestion. I’ve got different values. But, still it does not work. The robot is still starting the session in rdp-tcp mode and then switching to console for some reason.

Did you ever find success with this? We’ve recently implemented Orchestrator and I am struggling with getting a particular proprietary business app to with correctly with robot via Orchestrator, and have tried all the same.

Particularly frustrating, I can start the process in production environment by using vsphere to access console, starting from system tray, and closing console window while execution continues.

The following has solved my issues with ‘robot on orchestrator cannot find uielements’

  1. open notepad

  2. paste the following :

    Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00

    [HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\WOW6432Node\Microsoft\Terminal Server Client]

  3. save as whatever.reg

  4. double-click whatever.reg (must be local administrator)

(you can use the attached file, rename to .reg instead of .vb)
or i’ll attach the reg file and you just apply it, idk if forum will let me attach reg files but this has solved my issues with the orchestrator console session launched robots functioning the same way as if in a remote desktop connection on v2018.1.3uibot-orchestrator.vb (590 Bytes)

hi @llavieri

did you find a solution to your Problem? im having the same issue :confused:

would be happy about some help! :slight_smile:



I know that is more than a year since you posted this but the problem is still active fore some reasons.

Can you come back for us to specify if this problem was resolved or not. And in the case it was solved can you provide some details regarding this behaviour.

Thank you