Robot calling another robot using API

Hi Guys,

please help , i tried robot calling another robot, but was getting this error while trying to run whereas all the other checks are looking fine.
i fetched evrything from orchestrator like access token, release key, robot id, process key etc…
but then also at last when i’m trying to run i’m getting this error:-
{message: folder doesnot exist or the user does not have access to the folder, error code 1100, resource ids:null}
status code - 400
i dont know about the xuipath organizational unit id but i have taken that value as “1”
NOTE - Using community edition

putting this in parameter : -


And in endpoint :-

UiPath Orchestrator logical name/username/odata/Jobs/UiPath.Server.Configuration.OData.StartJobs”


May I know where these values are stored and retrieved from

Cheers @shashank

Hi Bro,

By running API method i’m getting those value.

Through API is fine buddy, but Is it from QUEUE,


Sorry, I’m not getting you…I simply Call the UiPath.web.Activities and through this i’m giving method like POST and get to fetch all these info… I also refered the youtube video by name :- “Orchestration API, Robot calls Another Robot Using API in UiPath”
when i trigger the start job method that i mentioned above it’s not working and giving error as mentioned above.